Audi TT


In some world markets, the TT MKI incorporates Avisador indicating that the driver has not buckled up: When will the woman contact, an indicator appears on the dashboard, it does not turn off until the driver is buckled.
For the operation of Avisador, the need indicator TT sensor on the dashboard and the seat belt buckle.
The TT sold in Spain, do not have the seat belt sensor, but incorporating the dashboard indicator. 
Using the VAG-COM to activate the indicator dashboard, so to make contact, the witness will light, and turns off after a few seconds.

To activate the following will (as always, so I tried my TT in principle applies to other TT MKI, but look for information to confirm):

Once connected the VAG-COM tested the car and communication ( see post VAG-COM ), the screen click " Select ".

Then in the " Common "select" 17-Instruments . "

On the next screen select " Recode - 07 ".

The value that appears in the box " Software Coding "you have to add" 02000 ". That is, in my particular case , had the value " 00144 ", well, you insert" 02144 . " For security reasons, enter what appears to be the initial value, so it can return to the previous state.

Click " Do It! ".

Leave the VAG-COM, remove the contact of the car and unplug the cable.

If everything is correct, to give the contact to the car we see the flag belt, which turns off after a few seconds.