Audi TT


Due to the special color of the TT ( red Missan ), I have seen that depending on the camera you use, the red car was taking various shades from red to orange to deep red, through red rose. 

It is true that, as a pearl color , the tone varies considerably depending on the type and amount of ambient light that is when you take the photo, but still, under the same (or similar) conditions, we obtain quite different results, depending on the camera used.

Leave a sample of photos taken with different cameras that I could use:
 Càmera del mòbil (Nokia N81 2 mp)
Nikon Coolpix 2200
Nikon Coolpix L5
Nikon Coolpix S210

None of them is a model "premium", but it is funny how the colors captured by the camera phone is more real than captured by the Nikon L5 , where the majority of photos taken in a color that tends to orange to red.

As a layman in the field believe that the best photographs are taken by the Nikon Coolpix 2200 , which only has 2 mp camera but captures the colors, but real, while you get a remarkable clarity.

For its part, the Nikon Coolpix L5 , despite having a good sharpness (perhaps higher than the Coolpix 2200 ), significantly distorts the red car, presenting him with almost orange.

The Nikon Coolpix S210 , has a sharpness that is poorer, although the tone of red is a little better than the Coolpix L5 but not to the level of the Coolpix 2200 .

Finally, although the sharpness is low, and ambient light that has captured an artificial tone, surprised the red Missan observed with photos taken with camera phone Nokia N81 is the most real.