Audi TT


An accessory that carried the TT when I bought it was the regulator cruise ( Tempomat in German).
Honestly, it was an accessory that never interested me much, as he saw the practical use was limited to very specific situations, such as long travel by road, and neither will you make these types of routes with a high frequency, well, when I was looking TT's, at any time even if I had asked or not.

However, once I had my TT, I discovered that Tempomat could place a posteriori, and that the installation was relatively simple. Investigating further I found Tempomat prices, which were between 60 and 90 €, original, bought by eBay in Germany. 
Please indicate, that for TT MKI exist 2 types of Tempomat different ( old version and modern or "ergonomic" ). Both have the same functions, and installed the same way, but the button layout is different, being more intuitive and friendly-the-art.

 Tempomat old version

 Tempomat modern version

For the installation of Tempomat, even without this complexity is very high as several websites visited, we dismantle some of the dashboard coverings, steering wheel, move the cables to the motor and connected to the switchboard, to perform tasks them with security, preferred that the doors out with mechanical experience.
I ask my workshop confidence, and I quote that the installation would be at most 2 hours of labor.

The last step to the left Tempomat activated , is to enter a code to the switchboard of the car , which can only be done with certain diagnostic machines, normally only found in concesionaris official. This meant that, although the installation "mechanics" of the Tempomat could make in my studio confidence, the car would lead to the activation concesionari to end.

But there was another possibility.

There is a program for PCs, special vehicles for the VAG group, called VAG-COM , which through a diagnostic connector, allows you to access information from the PBX, and more error codes to scan, remove them and see sensor data in real time (which is what usually can diagnose machines generic workshops), to write and modify certain values of the switchboard .
The diagnostic connector and the software (trial version) can be found by eBay for about 7 - 10 € (with shipping included). 
I got the connector, plus the 311-2 version of VAG-COM program , which despite being old, for my model serves without problems and make changes and activate certain features of the car, including Tempomat.

So I finally ordering the Tempomat.
The Tempomat (version "ergonomic") , I came from Germany, along with cables and connectors needed for installation, and more official instructions Volkswagen - Audi assembly, in Spanish .
So, once I had the Tempomat and VAG-COM, I took the car to the garage to do the installation. 
After the installation, follow the activation instructions as indicated in various specialized web, and voila! I can rest the right foot!


I still think that is an accessory "vital", but honestly, the price it costs to install it, I think that has a ratio value / utility quite interesting

If anyone wants more information about the installation in the TT MKI Tempomat tells you a link, however, in German: Manual installation Tempomat
As a remark, as I understand, the installation in all TT MKI is the same regardless of year of manufacture and engine code .