Audi TT


According to the manufacturer, we make the change of spark plugs every 60,000 km.

The material needed are 4 spark plugs, which in this case are the originals:

Spark plugs : 101 000 063 AA


Most of these parts can be found on-line stores on the internet, such as : Oscaro




To access the spark plugs, the first thing to do is remove the plastic cover office:

Once removed the plastic cover, observe the coils and the vacuum tank (coils shown are those that were mounting after spending campaign to replace coils Audi 28E9):

To remove all the coils, then you need to remove the tank empty and dismantle their support:

Now proceed to remove the old spark plug with a wrench of 16 mm

We can see the difference between a spark plug with 60,000 miles and a new one:

For placing new spark plugs, use a torque wrench for threading them to 30 Nm.

By the end of the spark plug change operation, we will re-assemble the coils, the vacuum tank and the plastic protective cover.

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