Audi TT


Since it was put on sale have been several programs that have specialized in car tests and comparisons of different versions of the TT Mk I, here you can find some of them (unfortunately, no translated or subtitled in Catalan or Spanish) ...

A young Jeremy Clarkson in Top Gear test one of the first TT in 1998 
Is probably about 2000, when Top Gear, where Tiff Needell worked there, they chose the TT roadster to prove it.

 Now is one of the presenters of Fifth Gear makes a comparison between the TT 3.2 V6 DSG (250 hp) and Nissan 350 Z (280-300 hp)

Tiff Needell, now in Fifth Gear, rose again to a TT Quattro Sport version this time (240 hp), to return to compare it with the Nissan 350 Z (280-300 hp)

 Go back to Top Gear, now is the turn of Jeremy Clarkson who goes to a TT 3.2 V6 DSG.

Comparing the two reports in both coupe and roadster versions of the TT and Chrysler Crossfire.

The first of them, a German television program
The second, European, and language (English), could be some program on British television.
The episode of the Wheeler Dealers (Joyas sobre ruedas), in which Mike and Edd restore a mkI TT Quattro 225 hp. (english version)
Spanish version.

In this link, you can found the spanish version too : Discovery MAX, Audi TT mlI 225 cv Quattro