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The thermostat is an Audi TT MKI parts that tend to cause problems, and it is not uncommon to remain open end, which causes the engine to cost a lot or do not get to take the normal operating temperature .

A sign indicating that the thermostat has been opened (or closed does not close as it should) is at a constant speed on the highway if we see that the needle of the gauge low temperature of 90 ° C. To confirm this rule and this is another problem, as could be the temperature sensor can check the temperature of the air conditioning in the display (channel 49). If this low of about 80 ° C, while we see that the indicator needle low of 90 ° C, it is almost certainly the thermostat.

SPARE: the thermostat and antifreeze

The original thermostat for my Audi TT 1.8T 163 bhp (BVP) is this:

REFERENCE: 050121113C

Moreover, the original antifreeze is this:



Most of these parts can be found on-line stores on the internet, such as : Oscaro




Here you can download the official description of Audi's change of thermostat: thermostat change procedure Audi TT

Removing all protections over the engine and unplug the battery for any errors that may be taken to disconnect cables.

Remove the lower engine protection

Decouples the air tubes listed images

Remove the metal piece to where several tubes (be careful with the support of Bareta oil). Must decouple support some tubes and connectors that have gone under.

To work best to disconnect both the alternator connector and cover it with a waterproof paper or Bosa tube Bareta the oil we decoupled so that no liquid enters antifreeze when removing the thermostat.

The output of the circuit is done antifreeze under the car, opening a faucet that is located at the bottom left. Also removed the lid of the tank for easy emptying antifreeze.

Once the circuit has been emptied proceed to remove the tube piece where the thermostat was located with the help of a key piece ratchet to remove the gimbal. The key is the number 10.

Now you can access the thermostat, removed the rubber seal first and then removing the thermostat

Let us now see some pictures with the old and the new thermostat.

Proceed to place the new thermostat and the new rubber gasket.

We present the piece of plastic and screw it using a torque wrench. According to information from Audi, the screws holding the plastic piece bolted to the thermostat was 15 Nm, but due to the angle of the PTO is to present the key necesari against snails in my case were tightened to 17 Nm.

Once screwed, socket connectors to the new alternator and put pipe antifreeze.

We can now proceed to remount the tube Bareta of oil, metal support and air tubes.

Plug the new battery

Fill the tank boot, antifreeze and motor. We check that everything is correct, and we adjusted the level of antifreeze as the liquid ran down the circuit. In my case you can see from the picture the amount of antifreeze that will need

We are calling the protections above and below the engine, and we again have the car ready, and working at the correct temperature.

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