Audi TT


Just one year from the photo shoot with the Nikon Coolpix L5 , I returned to the same place, but this time with different "weapon", a Nikon Coolpix S210

Both cameras are segment "economic", but wanted to test whether there were important differences between these two... and there: While the Coolpix L5 has a higher definition (more clearly), the S210 gets a shade of red more "realistic", but with a clearly poorer counterpart. 

About the megapixels, the truth is that after 3 mp, I think that enough is enough (even 2 mp, can be enough to make quality photos), so the mp of the L5 7 and 8 mp of the S210 fulfill all my needs, giving more importance sharpness, clarity and color photographs taken.

Some of the interior and motor :

... and the latest...