Audi TT



It is common that over the miles, the cylinder head cover losing property, and causing small oil leaks.


Replace this joint operation is a moderately difficult, and if you have a basic knowledge and tools can be performed yourself. However, in doubt, it is advisable to go to a garage to be a professional who performs the operation.







Most of these parts can be found on-line stores on the internet, such as : Oscaro






Accessing the following link you can find the official manual Audi to make the switch board: Change engine cover gasket (ELSA)


Changing board motor cover was performed, taking advantage had to do one of the periodical (oil and filter change).



Removing the lower engine guard to drain the oil and change the filter, it was confirmed that there was a small oil leak.



So the first thing to do is remove the top guard of the engine, disengage the protector of the timing belt, and then divide the deposit of depression and its support.



Then we will release the electric wires, and coils will draw desacoplaremos tube along which oil vapors.



At this point, unscrew the screws of the motor cover.



Because a metal tube that prevented removing cap (red arrow), had to unscrew two mounting tubes (yellow arrows) and it can be performed in conditions, had to remove the air filter box.



Finally, we removed the engine cover.



After removing the cover, proceed to remove the old (peripheral and central) gasket, and clean the surface.



Put the new gasket (peripheral and central) and apply sealant in the indicated areas.



Again we consider the engine cover, and proceed to tighten the screws, in order from the inside out, to a force of 10 N (as indicated by official hand Audi).



For reference of future oil leaks, clean the lower engine protection.



Finally, we follow the removal procedure in reverse to reach the initial starting point.