Audi TT


One difference between the models of TT mk1 is the single or dual exhaust, depending on the engine model in question. Thus all mk1 TT 1.8T engines with 150, 163, 180 and 190 hp, either front-wheel drive (FWD) or Quattro, have a single exhaust outlet, while 1.8T models with 225 and 240 hp, and the 3.2 V6 with 250 hp, (they are Quattro) have a dual exhaust.

If the bottom rear of models with front wheel drive (FWD) compared with observed Quattro models, we see that are different, making it impossible to adapt Quattro leaks in FWD.

To install a second operating out there in TT mk1 FWD manufacturers (Miltek, Don Silent ...) that have been created as leaks around the part where the spare tire is.

Although this is the most complete solution, is a fairly high price disadvantages, and potential problems passing Vehicle Inspection (ITV in Spain).

A more economical, fast and simple solution, if all you are looking for aesthetics, not annoying in mornings or cool evenings, idling condensation can be only one tail exhaust involves the installation of a second non functional exhaust tail (not connected to the exhaust).

For this purpose, Audi marketed for some time, a kit for installing the second output nonfunctional mk1 TT FWD, consisting of the support and the two exhaust pipes (also replaced the original).

Currently the support is discontinued (no tails), but is not overly difficult to install a second exhaust tail non functional.


Most of these parts can be found on-line stores on the internet, such as : Oscaro






TAILS OF EXHAUST: We sought out AUDI, similar to the original lines, but with a slightly larger diameter (100 mm.). In the pictures you can compare the original size and finally mounted (100 mm.).

The operation was performed in AUTOTALLERS Asensi in Montcada (Barcelona).

You can see the before and after.

Some more images ...