Audi TT


Explain the installation of a radio-CD with Bluetooth Handsfree I made in my Audi TT.

The radius was chosen CD as follows: Alpine CDE-133 BT can be included within the average range radio-CDs. This machine has a handsfree bluetooth module Parrot brand, with an external microphone, which was placed behind Grate Dashboard (attention, Audi TT with BOSE stereo, in principle already used this grid and will need to find another place to put the microphone).

The first thing we must do is get the current radio-CD, which in my case was not the original. To remove use specific tools that came with the radio-CD, or use a tool replacement if we lost the originals.

Then, in order to position the microphone behind the instrument panel grid, we will have to remove the plastic part of the bottom of the steering wheel to remove the instrument panel, as this is fixed with two screws that are blocked by the plastic. should be noted that it could be done without completely out, but decided to work best completely removed.

To remove we remove the screws on the side (where the fuses) and 3 screws that are at the bottom. Observe that switch off the headlamp control (is removed by pressing the inward position selector and turning) and also have to disconnect the diagnostic port.

Now you can access the two screws holding the instrument, remove and we can remove the instrument panel to place the microphone.

Install the microphone behind the grille that is in the top of the box, through the cable from the location of the radio-CD box compartment. This grid is designed to place the microphone BOSE teams, but in models that do not Bose have not used and is free. verified that the microphone is directional. microphone was attached with double-sided tape.

Once past the wire and secured the microphone, put the box back and adapters connect the cables of the new radio-CD. In this case, the color code was incorrect, and the connection was properly attach the yellow wire with red wire. cables are sheathed with foam tape to prevent noise and vibration.

Then install the radio-CD and verify proper operation. Lid For radio-CD compartment closable cables are properly accommodated in the rear, and place the radio-CD as far as possible.

If everything works correctly, we follow the same steps but in reverse, to mount the box and place the plastic part of the bottom of the steering wheel.

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