Audi TT


According to the manufacturer, you need to change oil and oil filter every 15,000 km (in fixed maintenance intervals, NO Long-Life).

Then I will show the material used for this operation. In this case, all parts are purchased from Audi, except oil.

OIL: Castrol 5W40 C3 (VW 502.00, VW 505.00)

FILTER OIL: 06A 115 561 B

SCREW CARTER: N 908 132 02


Most of these parts can be found on-line stores on the internet, such as : Oscaro




For the oil will pour more easily, open the lid where the oil is introduced, and raise a little Bareta oil.

To flush the oil and filter change, go to the bottom of the car, either raising it or by a fosar. In the present case, has agreed with the latter option.

Once under the engine, we see that this has a protective plastic that was set for about 10 screws. This piece should be removed to access the screw and emptying the oil filter.

Now we can see the screw flush sump and oil filter (the latter has a difficult access).

As a container to put the old oil has been used an 8-liter jug of water (note that within the motor is about 4.5 liters of oil). Then we can bring this oil to a collection center to be responsible for their treatment.

When no longer falls into the hole to flush more oil, remove the oil filter. To remove it you need a specific tool for desmontatge. Be careful because the oil filter is full, and part of that oil will fall out.

Once removed the old oil filter, place the new, slightly moistening the filter gasket with oil, and tapping it in my engine.

Place the screw in the new postman. The tightening torque of the screw with the sumo is 30  for Audi workshop manuals.

Then we can add the new oil, controlling not exceed the maximum level (inside the engine, including filter, there is none about 4.5 liters).

We can start the car and check that everything works fine.

To verify that the bottom is all right, come back and put the plastic protection.

After a few kilometers, we check the oil level if necessary to add.

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