Audi TT




When approximately less than 2,000 km for the next revision, shown in the FIS display a reminder during the first 5 seconds after the ignition. During the first 2,000 km shows the miles remaining (SERVICE IN XXXX), until it reaches 0, when passed to display the message " SERVICE! ".


Once we have made the service, we can reset to 0 the (service intervals every 15,000 km), as follows.


NOTE : There may be small differences in the process, depending on the model year. The I indicate here that I use for my model: Audi TT 1.8T 163 cv 2006.


  1. Press and hold the button [2] (on the right)
  2. Give contact (keep hold the button [2])
  3. The words "SERVICE" or "SERVICE IN XXXX km" appears on the FIS (center screen) (keep hold the button [2])
  4. Press and hold button [1] (on the left)
  5. Appear the words "SERVICE IN 15,000 km"
  6. Remove the contact