Audi TT


One option that can activate using VAG-COM is the locking of the doors from 15 km / h, and the opening of these, to remove the key contact.
To enable this feature, I followed the procedure was as follows:
Once connected the VAG-COM, between the laptop and the drive (see " Introduction "), we access the" Select ". 


In this section, the tab " Common "select" 35 - Cent. Locks . "

Among the options that appear, choose " Recode - 07 ".

To activate the feature, the value that appears in " Software Coding "must add" 32 ".
In my particular case, the initial value that appeared was " 06720 ", so I enter" 06752 . "


Finally, click " Do It! ".
Leave VAG-COM, get in touch, disconnect the cable, and the next time it starts up the car from 15 km / h, closures centralized activated. 
In the same way, to stop the car and remove the key contact, open the central locking.